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MPC HC 1.7.10

Hallo guys... kalo tadi gw post detective conan, sekarang gw akan share software MPC HC fungsi software ini adalah untuk sebagai media player atau membuka video berekstensi mp4,mkv,avi,dll. Player ini recommendation banget buat yg suka nonton anime atau film film karena sotware ini sangat simple... simak yu.

Screenshot :

*Note : Fiture windows gw didisable semua biar lancar, jadi tampilan kaya gitu...

Download :
  • MPC HC 1.7.10 32-Bit & 64-Bit [GoogleDrive]
  • MPC HC 1.7.10 32-Bit & 64-Bit [UsersFiles]
  • MPC HC 1.7.10 32-Bit & 64-Bit [Donlot.in]
  • Size : 24.73 MB
  • Password : www.cie-inc.blogspot.com
  • Web MPC-HC
Tutorial Install :
  1. Download filenya
  2. Extract Here
  3. Lalu run as installer yang cocok buat pc kamu (32-Bit / 64-Bit)
  4. Install Seperti Biasa
  5. Selesai
Tutorial Ambil Gambar di MPC-HC :
  1. Buka MPC-HCnya
  2. Buka video yang mau diambil gambarnya
  3. Cari bagian mana yang mau diambil gambarnya
  4. Jika sudah ada klik File dimenu lalu Save Image
  5. Pilih mau disimpan dimana.
  6. Selesai
1.7.10 - 14 November 2015 :
  • Add Indonesian, Lithuanian and Punjabi translations
  • Ticket #5411, Add an option to disable the preview in the web interface. This option is disabled by default since it must be used only on a properly secured private network
  • Completely new Internal Audio Renderer:
  1. Uses sanear project as backend
  2. Requires Windows Vista or newer
  3. Outputs sound through WASAPI (shared or exclusive)
  4. Employs automatic channel downmixing
  5. Provides stereo crossfeed processing option (for headphones)
  6. Tries to preserve signal pitch when playing at custom rate (time stretching)
  7. Supports bitstreaming
  8. Fixes tickets #203, #1961, #2731, #3653, #4047, #5267
  • Ticket #3356, Initial support for per-monitor DPI scaling
  • Use internal audio decoder by default for Opus decoding
  • Ticket #5450/#5479, Improved crash reporting dialog for better stability and user experience
  • Ticket #5472, Make it easier to input value to the “Audio time shift” field in options
  • OGM stream switching hotkeys were unified with generic ones
  • MediaInfoLib to v0.7.75
  • Little CMS to v2.7 (git 07da965)
  • LAV Filters to stable version 0.66.0:
  1. LAV Splitter: New ASF/WMV demuxer
  2. Ticket #5548, LAV Splitter: Fix some rare deadlocks at startup
  3. LAV Video Decoder: Allow hardware decoding of UHD video with AMD cards
  • Arabic, Armenian, Basque, Bengali, British English, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese translations
  • Fix a rare crash when exiting DVB mode
  • QuickTime: Fix a crash when using system default renderer
  • Fix “snap to desktop edge” and “autofit zoom” on Windows 10
  • Fix reliability and stability of the D3D Fullscreen mode
  • Ticket #4086, Logitech LCD: Correctly initialize the volume at start-up
  • Ticket #5248, Adjust mouse behavior for Windows 10
  • Ticket #5454, Deleting an item from the playlist sometimes did not work when shuffle mode was enabled
  • Ticket #5464, If the main window was minimized while the D3D Fullscreen window was displayed on another screen, it was impossible to use the mouse buttons to play, pause, exit fullscreen, etc.
  • Ticket #5488, Suggested filename was wrong when saving subtitles in specific cases
  • Ticket #5496, Subtitle downloader dialog: the preferred languages were sometimes not displayed first
  • Ticket #5515, Blu-ray (PGS) subtitles were sometimes not displayed
  • Ticket #5519, SRT subtitles: Support parsing files with negative timecodes
  • Ticket #5573, /monitor command line was ignored when remember window position was enabled
  • Ticket #5573, The window could return to the wrong monitor when started fullscreen using the command line /monitor N /fullscreen if “remember window size” was enabled and “remember window position” was disabled
  • Ticket #5643, Stream selection did not work when using external audio file in specific cases
  • Ticket #5647, Drag&Drop was not starting playback if source folder was read only

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